Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Currently, the 6 metre pools start at $35,000 and the 12 metre pools start at $45,000. The price is for the pool only, as installation and transport costs are always site and project-specific.

Our standard inclusions are the pool itself, standard chorine filtration system, skimmer box, and pump etc. Additional items will vary the pricing.

A 25% deposit is required to lock in the pricing. To allocate your pool into our production schedule, an additional 50% payment is required once the build has started.

You will need to organise an electrician to connect power to the pool, normally a standard 10amp power supply is required, so if an exterior power point is close by you’re ready to roll. Beyond this, additional costs may include site specific requirements such as crane hire, building costs, engineering, transport, council application or finishings.

Our lead time is typically 10-12 weeks, however, the current demand is very high and that tends to push out the completion dates. All orders are on a first-in basis and we allocate a manufacturing slot when we receive your production deposit (75% of the total pool cost).

Our pools are all over the long white cloud! We are proudly New Zealand made and provide pools to all corners of New Zealand.

We recommend your pool remain above ground as it is designed to be. However, if you have a mildly sloping location in mind it’s possible to excavate down to level and place your pool on a concrete slab. A retaining wall will be necessary to keep damp soil 20-30cm away from the pool exterior.

No, it does not affect the temperature as fibreglass itself is very insulating. If the pool is in full sun during the summer, the water will heat up regardless of the metal container. We offer an optional reverse cycle heat pump that will cool the water to your desired temperature for hotter climates, and warm the water during colder periods. In addition, we can also include insulation to the fiberglass shell in an effort to reduce the heat transfer.

Yes, we can offer/do most things that you can think of. We’re Engineer’s by trade and love the challenge so don’t hesitate to try us.

We offer beautiful hardwood decking, a favourite of ours is Purple Heart. It is our hardwood of choice for a number of reasons. It is a Strong, Dense, Hardwearing timber that does not leach (unlike Kwila and some other hardwoods). It also has a life expectancy of 25-30 years depending on maintenance. It ages to a driftwood grey colour, however you can choose to oil/stain it to any colour you like. Many New Zealand Councils are choosing to use only Purple Heart in many projects due to all these factors. It is the perfect solution for pool decking.

Most of our customers do! Water is an excellent absorber of the sun’s energy and it passes through the transparent blanket to heat your pool water up to 8ºC warmer. Our roller can assist to keep out leaves too.

We sure do! We offer a reverse-cycle swimming pool heat pump as an optional addition to your pool. The units we supply are exceptionally energy-efficient, giving back up to six times the energy they consume. We mount these units inside the container itself, so there’s no external piping to compromise the clean exterior of your Shipping Container Pool.

A swim jet projects a high flow mixture of air and water into the pool area, turning your swimming experience from a leisurely dip to extreme exercise.

Yes, we do. As the manufacturer, we work with owners, builders and project managers to ensure the success of your project.

We make your pool available from our manufacturing facility in Hastings, HawkesBay. We can organise transport and installation using a combination of Trucks and Cranes and can get them to the hardest of reach places.

Its all very local council directed. It pays to check in with your local council to see if approval is required on your specific location.

All areas have their own unique interpretations of the NZ Standard with regards to pool fencing, therefore it will be your responsibility to ensure that the pool (fence or no fence) complies with your local council requirements.

Yes, of course! We just supply the pool. Please let us know so that we can work with your builder to ensure the heights of decking, concrete slabs or supporting steel frame, etc are correct. Some things to think about if you are installing your pool against decking – access to the pumphouse area inside the container, fixing of decking bearers to the container, fixing of any required pool fencing, location of heat pump grilles, etc. We’ll work with you to get it all perfect!

Each Shipping Container Pool is supplied fully plumbed and no exterior plumbing is necessary. If you selected the optional sand filter, your local council may require you to plumb the waste flow to stormwater or sewer but this is not a universal requirement. You may also opt to divert the skimmer box overflow piping and heat pump condensate piping to stormwater but this is entirely up to you!

Your electrician needs to supply a single 240VAC 10A circuit to power the system, pump and lighting. If you’ve specified a swim jet or a heat pump, your electrician will also need to supply a 240VAC circuit for each. Depending on the swim jet and heat pump option, each circuit may need to be 25A fixed connection. Call us if you’re in doubt!

In every case, your electrician will also need to ensure the container is properly earthed – ideally, through its own strap.